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Activate your reflexes and improve your dexterity

with the Power Drill Hockey puck passer.

Power Drill The perfect training partner!

The Power Drill Hockey is a puck passing tool made of metal, weighing 27 lbs. and the steels studs allows it to remain firmly on the ice. Its rigidity and grip on the ice allows fast and precise passes.

Its red oven baked paint allows you to quickly locate it on the ice surface. It is easy to carry with its two handles incorporated to the structure. Proudly made in Quebec.

The Power Drill Hockey is suitable for ice hockey, ringuette, ball hockey, or street hockey.

In the summer, use it onasphalt, synthetic ice or ball hockey surfaces. In the winter, use it on your own ice rink or at the arena.

The PowerDrill Hockey is suitable for all ages and players of all levels from Minor to Junior.

It is ideal for any organization, hockey school or for any family wishing to offer their youth the opportunity to improve their skills.

Several training possibilities are available to you :

  • Play solo and up to 4 players at a time
  • Practice your one timer shot
  • On your own, you can simulate your passes from your imaginary teammate
  • With two players, you can practice your passes while the other receives and shoots
  • For organizations, very handy when you have fewer coaches on the rink
  • Very useful for goalies

The Power Drill Hockey is now available online. If you want to get the best puck passer on the market click on buy and you will receive it in the next 48 hours.


The Power Drill Hockey adventure started on a cold winter night when one of my boys decided to get back in the house. His twin brother was following him in order to ask me something. I can remember his red cheeks and his big tuque on his head. At the age of eight, he was sad to practice alone on the ice and he asked me to invent something so he could practice his passes on his own. From that moment, the ideas started to develop in my head.

I called my father to find old 2x4s and then what I had imagined on a piece of paper materialized. It worked pretty well. Two weeks later people who were interested were questioning me about my plans. From that moment I wondered: “Why would I not become the inventor of a puck passer?” without knowing if there was any out there.

The very first model was made of wood with a ratchet strap. It made my children happy for the rest of that winter.

Then came the first iron version. After three prototypes, The Pro-Shot Triangle and Pro-Shot 4 sides were born. It was a great pride to see that people were interested in this game.

Today, my project has taken off. I partnered with business partners to market my product on a larger scale. Now marketed as Power Drill Hockey, it will catch the attention of both young and old. It will activate the reflexes of your children just like mine.

In closing, I am sure everyone who buys the Power Drill Hockey will have as many games as fun on the ice. Let you imagination wander because the imaginary player will always be on the ice with you.

Thank you for trusting Power Drill Hockey.

Pierre Fortier

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Here is the Power Drill Hockey in action!

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